Use IFTTT to Get Email Notifications of New Blog Posts

IFTTT Tool: If This Then That

If you haven’t used IFTTT (If This Then That) you’re in for a treat. This handy web tool makes life simpler by automating all manner of internet-related tasks. Their “Applets” range from the simple and somewhat quirky, to “Whoa, I can do that??”. A few examples:

  • Get a notification when the International Space Station passes over your house
  • Save new Facebook photos you’re tagged in to Google Photos
  • Turn your Phillips Hue lights on/off with one tap on your phone
  • Start brewing coffee when your Nike FitBit registers that you’re awake
  • Receive an emergency call if your Nest Protect detects smoke

Considering the possibilities, getting a simple email notification seems a little tame (!). Nonetheless, the photos below give step-by-step instructions for creating an IFTTT Applet that sends you an email each time a new article gets posted on the Plan-Pack-Go website. Of course the same process can be used for posts to other websites.

Before leaving the IFTTT site, be sure to check out their Discover page to find ideas and activate ready-made Applets.

To create an IFTTT Applet for new Plan-Pack-Go posts, first go to the IFTTT website, then:

Click on "My Applets" on the top menu bar.


Click on "New Applet"


Click on "+ this"


Select the "RSS Feed" icon


Select "New feed item"


For the Feed URL, enter: Then click "Create trigger"


Click on "+ that"


Select the "Email" icon


Select "Send me an email"


The auto-generated fields should be fine. Just click "Create action"


Click "Finish" and you're done!

That's it, easy-peasy.  Now go forth and automate!