Jake’s Boat Livery and Mini-Mart

Update June 2018: Jake's is growing up. Literally!  They raised the roof and added upgrades to the mini-mart, including multiple well-stocked refrigerator and freezer cases.  Ice cream treats, here we come :)

Jake's Boat Livery and Mini-Mart

It may seem strange that I'm writing about a gas station and mini-mart, but this place is part of my history at Keuka and delivered a pleasant surprise last night, so here goes!

We were finishing the dinner dishes last night when Chris suggested taking a walk to Jake's. I immediately agreed, but my expectations were low. Years ago we would often walk after dinner, sometimes in big groups of family and lake friends, and either head north to get ice cream cones at Lakeside, or south for candy and treats at Jake's. Well, the ice cream stand closed, and the offerings at Jake's dwindled over time so when we ducked through the little door at Jake's, we were surprised to find fully stocked shelves and an enticing array of candy and ice cream treats.

Chris ducking into the store at Jake's

This store is 15x20 at most, so when I say "fully stocked shelves", dial your expectations accordingly. Still, the offerings are impressive, from spices to s'mores fixins and treats for all ages with candy, snacks, ice cream, coffee, and beer. We have often come by boat for gas and nightcrawlers; they still offer fishing bait and supplies, and have added boat and paddleboard rentals.

Inside the mini-mart at Jake's

The owner is friendly, and we chatted with him for quite awhile. The business has been a partnership for years and now that he owns it outright, he is making long-awaited changes. The most exciting tidbit he shared (drum roll please): he has plans to expand next year and add a hot dog and ice cream stand. Are you kidding me?! My head almost exploded I was so excited. Fingers crossed the expansion plans come to fruition, but regardless, this summer we walk to Jake's. Just like we used to :)

View of Jake's from the end of their dock

Address: Jake's Boat Livery, 12792 West Lake Road, Hammondsport, NY 14840