Travel Technology For Our Ireland Trip

I promised to share some tips on sharing SIM cards with multiple devices, plus how I approached activation with my AT&T SIM in the Huawei device.

  • I think it is easiest to activate the SIM on a phone because providers will allow you to activate directly via SMS or similar short code dialing. The AT&T go card I bought didn't have any preloaded cash, so it was a bit more complicated for me. I put it in the phone to start the process, but went online to complete it and fund the 1 month of service.
  • Once activated and working in the phone, I moved the SIM card over to the Huawei device. It recognized the AT&T network, but would not yet connect for data transmission. All I had to do was to browse the admin interface from a computer connected to the Huawei and add a profile for the AT&T SIM. I named the APN "phone" and there was no need for username or password. It worked fine after that, and I was able to switch easily between the two.
  • Will I use just one SIM card in Ireland? I don't know. Even though it is easy to switch back and forth, it may be less of a hassle to buy one SIM card with a low number of talk minutes and no data plan for the phone, and another with a robust data plan for the Huawei. We'll see what the prices are when we land and make the call then.

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