My Final Packing List for 6 Weeks in Ireland

My plane-ready, fully loaded backpack for 6 weeks in Ireland.

I previously posted articles detailing the clothestoiletries, and backpacking equipment I planned to take to Ireland. The items listed would suffice for a normal trip, but I’ll be backpacking for 4 weeks and my pack was too heavy. After carefully rethinking and then discarding or replacing items, I got my pack down to 19.5 pounds carried weight. This does not include the weight of the clothes and shoes I will be wearing on the plane, nor does it account for water, snacks, and fuel for the JetBoil. I have copied my original lists below and marked all changes. Note that Chris will be carrying most of our electronics and will publish his packing list separately.


1 pr lightweight knee pants: Columbia Saturday Trail II Knee Pants Replace with 1 pr calf-length yoga pants from Athleta. They’re more versatile since I can wear them for hiking, either alone or under one of the travel dresses.

  • 1 pr hiking pants: prAna Halle Pants
  • 1 pr rain pants: REI shell, like this
  • 2 short-sleeved t-shirts: like Nike Dri-Fit
  • 1 V-neck long-underwear top: Uniqlo Heattech
  • 1 half-zip long-sleeved top: like this Nike Dri-Fit
  • 1 lightweight travel dress: like this Horny Toad
  • 1 medium weight travel dress: Title Nine Getaway Dress
  • 1 down jacket: like this REI jacket
  • 1 medium-weight weather-resistant coat: Columbia Titanium, similar to this Too heavy. I will make do with my layers, down coat and rain shell.
  • 1 rain shell: Outdoor Research shell, like this
  • 1 pr flip-flops: Sanuk
  • 1 pr ballet-style shoes: like this Merrell shoe
  • 1 pr hiking shoes: like these Salomons
  • 1 pr tall boots So sad, but too heavy. I will go without, but perhaps shop for some in Ireland for the non-backpacking portion of the trip.
  • 2 pr tights
  • 4  3 pr underwear
  • 3  2 pr socks: Darn Tough
  • 1 pr regular sock liners: Wigwam Gobi
  • 1 pr toed liners: Injinji
  • 1  2 sports bras
  • 1 regular bra
  • 1 long underwear set for sleeping: Uniqlo Heattech leggingsand top
  • 1 scarf
  • 1 pr gloves: North Face E-tip
  • 1 hat: Outdoor Research, like this
  • 1 earband: like this R-Gear
  • 1 pr no-show running socks
  • Toiletries:

    • 3 oz face lotion with SPF

    3  2 oz shampoo, shared with Chris

  • 3  2 oz conditioner, shared with Chris
  • 3 oz body wash, shared with Chris I have wipes as back-up, but we’re staying in hotels and hostels so should be ok.
  • 2.5 oz body lotion I’ll live.
  • 0.5 oz travel deodorant
  • 0.75 oz travel toothpaste
  • 1 dental floss
  • 1 toothbrush
  • 45 q-tips
  • 1 oz base make-up
  • 1 small neutral eyeshadow palette
  • 1 tube waterproof mascara
  • 1 oz mascara remover
  • 1 travel hairbrush The roll brush fits in my travel purse.
  • 1 round roll hairbrush
  • 3 hairbands
  • 2 small hairclips
  • 1 razor
  • 1 oz sunscreen
  • 0.5 oz bug spray
  • 2 10-ct pkg wipes
  • 1 oz hand sanitizer
  • 2 tubes lip balm with SPF
  • 4 ear plugs
  • 2-week supply feminine hygiene products
  • 2.8 oz travel size Febreze. To help push out laundry day.
  • Backpacking equipment:

    • 1 60-L internal frame backpack, my REI pack is the older version of this bag

    1 daypack, Deuter Speedlight 20 Chris is bringing an ultralight daypack and I can use my travel purse or empty out my backpack and use it as a daypack.

  • 1 Asolo waterproof dry bag. Our Asolo may be discontinued, but this bag is similar.
  • 3 slim eBags Too heavy. I’ll use gallon ziplocs.
  • 1 12“x12” foam pad (for sitting)
  • Jetboil
  • 1 canister fuel
  • insulated mug
  • 1 spork
  • 1 2-liter Platypus Hoser water bladder
  • 1 20-oz plastic bottle (I use an old Gatorade bottle) Replace with 1 slim 17 oz plastic bottle that will fit better in my travel purse
  • headlamp
  • 1 small “emergency” kit with thermal blanket, lighter, whistle, duct tape, cord, safety pins, thread/needle, rubber bands, extra bite valve, bandaids and moleskin
  • 10 resealable plastic bags, freezer quality, mix of gallon and quart size
  • 1 pr nail clippers
  • 1 pr patella knee bands
  • 1 bandana
  • Field Notes notebook
  • 1 pen
  • 1 Eagle Creek travel purse (like this) and wallet
  • 1 passport
  • Other items in my travel purse I forgot to note: sunglasses, a short nail file, small vials of allergy medicine and ibuprofen, and a sharpie
  • Other additions:

    • 1 cell phone and charger
    • 1 pr headphones
    • 1 plug adapter
    • 3 waterproof guide books from Rucksack Readers, one for each of the Ways we plan to walk.
    • 1 journal
    • 1 reusable grocery bag.  It'll be handy for the plane ride and when shopping in Ireland.

    That’s it! After the trip, I’ll update with what I wish I’d brought, and what I could have left behind.