Visitor’s Guide to Summer Fun at Keuka Lake


Here you go world…The Idleours Guide to Summer Fun at Keuka Lake! Disclaimer: This article is not meant to be all-inclusive. Idleours is our family cottage on the west side of Keuka, and the activities listed below are geared towards visiting family and friends. As a result, it’s west-side-centric and focused on the stuff we like most. You’ll quickly note that it’s not possible (or advisable) to fit everything into one trip. No worries. Keuka will be here, patiently waiting for your next visit :)

Campfire at Keuka

At the cottage

  • Ski, wakeboard, tube, disc
  • Sail, swim, snorkel, fish
  • Mosey about in the canoe or rowboat
  • Canoodle (we'll show you how)
  • Go for a real estate cruise
  • Have a campfire
  • Play card/board games (Hand & Foot!)
  • Play beach games: Cornhole, bottle bash, horseshoes
  • Earn a Keuka Komplishment: There's a badge for everyone - Tidy Upper, Swimmer, Fire Builder, Wine Taster, ...
  • Hike a gully: There’s a tame gully within walking distance, and a more challenging hike nearby.
  • Go for a walk/run: Running Loops on the West Side of Keuka Lake
  • Relax on the porch. Or the beach. Or the dock. Or find a napping couch with your name on it.

One of many creative entries in the Cardboard Boat Regatta, held annually in June.

Area events


A classic boat racing in the Wine Country Classic Boats, Boat Show & Regatta


Hammondsport Music in the Park 2017




Enjoying the drinks, company, and view at Steuben Brewing

Craft Breweries

Most of the Keuka breweries now regularly offer live music and food trucks, and are mentioned in this PPG article: Keuka Lake Breweries Tour


  • Point of the Bluff Vineyards (Hammondsport, middle-west side of Keuka): The name confuses many! The tasting room is on the west side of Keuka, but they grow grapes on the Bluff.
  • Azure Hill Winery (Hammondsport, middle-west side of Keuka): The newest addition in our area.
  • Heron Hill Winery (west side of Keuka, ~3 miles north of Hammondsport): Prettiest setting and facilities.
  • Dr. Konstantin Frank Wine Cellars (west side of Keuka, ~5 miles north of Hammondsport): Dr. Frank pioneered vinifera grape-growing in the Finger Lakes region.
  • Bully Hill Vineyards (Hammondsport): see previous reference in Museums/Tours above

Rope assist in Conklin Gully!


Golf courses

The Spotted Duck Creamery

Ice cream shops

A whole section dedicated to ice cream??  Yup. Folks need to know where to go to earn the "Ice Creamer" badge!


There are so many restaurants (and we so rarely eat out!), this section will stick to a few unique spots.

  • Pulteney Fire Department Pancake Breakfast (Pulteney): Big breakfast for a great cause. PPG article: Pulteney Fire Department Pancake Breakfast
  • Donuts at Andy’s BBQ (Penn Yan): We’ve never actually sampled the BBQ, but the donuts are divine, made fresh each morning. PPG article: Our Deliciously Decadent Cheat Day in Penn Yan
  • The Olney Place (Barrington, east side of Keuka, ~14 miles north of Hammondsport): Love this place! A small store, deli, and beer on tap. PPG article: Eggleston Glen and The Olney Place
  • The Switz (east side of Keuka, ~9 miles north of Hammondsport): Technically The Switzerland Inn, or as one young family member dubbed it “Restaurant Island”, this lake restaurant is an institution. Quality has varied through the years since the place has changed hands so many times, but it’s tradition to boat over at least once each summer.

Finger Lakes Seaplane Tours

Other fun stuff

  • Finger Lakes Seaplane Tours (west side of Keuka at Harbor Lights Marina, ~8 miles north of Hammondsport): A new way to gain a unique perspective of our beloved Keuka. For details, read this blog post from Finger Lakes to Lavender Fields.
  • Roseland Wake Park (Canadaigua): A cable park with ramps and rails, plus a Learn to Ride area for beginning wakeboarders.
  • Shopping (Hammondsport and Penn Yan): I’m not much of a shopper, but there are a bunch of unique shops in the historic downtowns of Hammondsport (voted America’s Coolest Small Town in 2012) and Penn Yan. The Windmill Farm & Craft Market (6 miles south of Penn Yan on Keuka’s east side) is a shopping extravaganza with ~100 vendors and 200 shops.

Whatever you do on your trip to Keuka, be careful - you just might fall in love. There's no place quite like it :)

Quiet morning at Keuka